Our most important appearances in media throughout the years.


more than 80 articles on the most read hungarian legal website (2011-2017)

Every now and then, the head of the legal website asks our company, Pintz & Partners to provide articles about the latest news in the field of Intellectual Property. The website is mainly read by lawyers, who need to be up-to-date with the current trademark law. All the articles are published on this website, in Hungarian.


interview with dr. Peter Szaniszlai in the news (2017)

In 2017, when there was quite a big dispute between the Hungarian Government and Heineken over the red star on the beer bottles, our firm was asked about the legal background, and how totalitarian symbols may be registered as trademarks. Dr. Peter Szaniszlai shared his opinion from trademark aspect. The article and a section from the news can be watched here.


Live interview with Zsofia Pintz in the Hungarian television (2017)

Zsofia Pintz was invited to talk about intellectual property in a live show created for young entrepreneurs. She was asked what the common misconceptions are, and why ideas cannot be patented.


article about our firm in the magazine of Hungarian Lawyers (2017)

The magazine of Hungarian Lawyers published an article about our firm, as we were nominated for the Hungarian Lawyer Award. You may download the article (in Hungarian) by clicking here.


article in the Intellectual Property Magazine (2016)

Dr. Mate Bede and dr. Mark Kovacs were asked to write an article in the Intellectual Property Magazine. In the article, they examine a Supreme Court decision concerning the lack of genuine use regarding the Lacoste case in New Zealand. Read the article by downloading it in PDF. 


interview with gyorgy pintz in one of the most read daily newspaper (2015)

This interview, which can be read here in Hungarian, is also about the free, patent application generating software created for inventors and startups who do not have enough funding.


interview with gyorgy Pintz in the Hungarian television (2015)

When the media learned about the new project of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Association, Gyorgy Pintz, the president of HIPA was invited to talk about it in the television. The project, thus the subject of the interview is a software automatically preparing patent application for inventors without funding. The interview (in Hungarian) may be watched here, on youtube.

A free online service called Start Patent, similar to the Hungarian project is now available on our website in English. The use of this software is recommended for startup companies and inventors without funding.


article in the Intellectual Property Magazine (2015)

Gyorgy Pintz and dr. Marton Csirik were asked to write an article in the Intellectual Property Magazine. Read the article by downloading it in PDF. You may find further interesting IP articles on the magazine’s webpage.


article in an online economics magazine (2011)

In this article, Gyorgy Pintz was asked about the unitary patent. The Hungarian article may be found here


Interview with Gyorgy Pintz in the magazine of Hungarian Lawyers (2008)

In this article the importance of IP is introduced to the readers. As Gyorgy Pintz is among the best IP attorneys, he was asked to give a few tips for lawyers. Mr. Pintz had already been a patent attorney for 25 years in 2008, when this interview took place. You may download the interview here, though it is in Hungarian.