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The aim of the Hungarian Intellectual
Property Association is to help inventors, investors, companies, lawyers and private individuals in their legal matters. Pintz & Partners Group joined HIPA in 2013 and it is the main sponsor of the organization
since then.

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free online services

We offer a wide range of online services to make inventors' life easier. What is more, we have two completely free online services that can be used by anyone all around the world. Start patent helps you create your patent application by yourself, while with Patent Cost Calculator you can calculate the often confusing official fees for your upcoming filings.


lectures, workshops

We believe that knowledge is fundamental.

We believe that knowledge is for everyone.

We believe that knowledge is power - and we want to give that power to you.

That is why we started to organize a series of lectures called “How to protect my idea?”, with more than 250 attendees (inventors, startups, etc.) so far.

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educational BOOKs

It is almost impossible to find illustrated, up-to-date books in the field of IP, which could explain the patent process, the requirements, or any other important information to inventors. Gyorgy Pintz wanted to bring IP closer and create a serious yet entertaining book series about intellectual property. The trademark related book has also been published in English with the title "The mark of success", and can be downloaded free by clicking here.

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supporting startups

Coworking startup offices are designed to help new companies to spread knowledge to each other. Yet, dozens of these companies and inventors visit us every year and seek our help too late. We believe that with our assistance these situations can be avoided in possession of the essential knowledge. Our educational programs are designed to make companies aware of the opportunities and threats of intellectual properties.


partnership with hello tomorrow

We have always supported Startup companies. That is the reason why we partnered up with Hello Tomorrow. Hello Tomorrow is a global non-profit founded in 2011. They are on a mission to accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions by highlighting, empowering and connecting the most promising deep-tech entrepreneurs across the globe. 

Do you have a deep-tech startup or project that uses advanced technology to answer a societal or industrial challenge? Contact Hello Tomorrow now!

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