Our firm throughout the years



Establishing the office

Gyorgy (Georg) Pintz became a patent attorney and started his company, Georg Pintz & Partners LLC in a small office in Budapest. At the start 3 patent attorneys worked together in the firm.



Becoming European Patent Attorneys

Already having moved to a bigger office with about 5-6 lawyers and attorneys, the team of Georg Pintz & Partners LLC is working every day to provide high quality of work to clients. Gyorgy Pintz and Kinga Pintzne Paczolay became European patent attorneys.



Launching trademark.eu

First in the IP field Georg Pintz & Partners LLC created an online filing system for European Trademarks (called as Community trademarks at that time). Trademark.eu helps foreign attorneys file trademarks in the European Union in seconds, and obtain the necessary representation before the EUIPO. Since its inception in 2006 the number of visitors of Trademark.eu is still growing and our company still creates new online services to make IP much more simple.



Launching Epvalidation.net

In 2011 Georg Pintz & Partners LLC already had fruitful partnerships in every European country, thus it became possible to create a European patent validation network that offers an online service for ordering validations in a few minute. 



A brand new office

The total number of attorneys, lawyers and paralegals exceeding fifteen resulted in a moving to a bigger office in the centre of Budapest.



NEW name, new brand identity

The name Georg Pintz & Partners LLC changed to Pintz and Partners LLC, a new logo and brand identity was created to become up-to-date also in design.



starting educational lectures and workshops

We wanted to provide opportunities for inventors and startups to learn about the IP, that is the reason why we started our IP lectures called "How to protect my idea?". Since that, we had 4 workshops and 15 lectures with about 250 attendees.



Launching Passport

In 2018 we decided it was time to completely rebuild our online validation platform. As a result, our brand new validation service, Passport was born with a drastically simplified user interface and an instant fee calculator. Passport works as an invitation only service.



And our plans for the future

We have so many plans, we cannot even tell you. Our purpose is to create easy to use online services that help clients and partners to deal with IP matters in minutes, without having to get up from the couch. In order to offer convenient online services, we are always making the services and websites better and better. We talk to the clients and ask their needs.