Workshops and lectures for startups and inventors.


We believe that knowledge is fundamental.

We believe that knowledge is for everyone.

We believe that knowledge is power - and we want to give that power to you.



That is why we started to organize a series of lectures called “How to protect my idea?” mostly for individuals, startups and smaller companies with a developed solution or even just an idea. Besides foreshowing the basic forms and traits of intellectual property protection, we present money saving tips, case studies, and give useful advice for avoiding the most common mistakes. More than 250 young entrepreneurs, inventors and startups attended these occasions to learn. Seeing all the positive feedback, we can safely say that the lectures will be continued in the future.


For those who want to go one step further and take matters into their own hands, we provide the opportunity as well. By organizing full-day workshops, we dedicate ourselves to teaching deeper, practical knowledge, like how to perform a professional novelty and trademark search at home. With this knowledge, we help those take the essential initial steps to protecting their intellectual property who have limited funds but unlimited potential for innovation.

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