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Dear Visitor,

thank you for visiting our new and improved website. As founder and managing attorney of Pintz & Partners, I sincerely believe that while everyone strives to be the best, in the end it will be the subtle things that matter. Experience on its own is not enough: the way a client is addressed, the way a problem is approached can make a huge difference. Our most important task is not only to obtain protection for our clients, our mission is to obtain the most valuable protection possible. Even if that means going the extra mile and help the inventor improve his/her invention or take extra time for another consultation to perfect that trademark application.

We believe that the key in today’s Intellectual Property field is duality: nurturing the traditions of the profession while maintaining a constant development and implementing modern trends. The focal point of the latter is, of course, online solutions. We believe that even in a field with far-reaching traditions as this, joining the latest successful trends in terms of service providing is inevitable. Our fast-moving world demands quick solutions for affordable prices, so everyday we strive to make our online services quick and easy-to-use as possible while maintaining industry leading competitive prices which you will know in advance and can even use your credit card to pay them.

Naturally, we offer traditional services as well and we believe that in that regard, no compromises are to be made. Our team consists of IP attorneys with more than 30 years of experience and the most skilled and enthusiastic young professionals in the field with extensive and diverse knowledge, serving as a perfect symbol and implementation of the before-mentioned duality of tradition and modernity; experience and fresh ideas.

Finally, we believe that ideas matter; and the right idea paired with persistent work can change the world. Our strong belief is that ideas that show great potential should not be left unprotected due to financial reasons – that is why every year we choose a promising project which lacks proper funding to hire a professional patent attorney and help them to obtain professional protection pro bono. We also take part in promoting innovation on macroeconomic levels as well as educating the masses in intellectual property protection – because it is not just our duty to serve our client’s needs but also to foster creativity, help promoting innovation and in the end: to further our world.


Gyorgy Pintz

Managing Attorney
European Patent and Trademark Attorney
President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Association