Inventions that may lift (or destroy) your Christmas spirit

Ah, the Holiday Season. The time where families get together to celebrate with joy beside the Christmas tree with a face, observed by the cameras hidden in the ornaments. Ehm… what? Oh yeah, we just imagined the Holiday season with a few of the best (worst) Christmas inventions ever. Because if you dive deep into the patent database with over 100 million documents, you ought to find some weird stuff…

Let’s start with the first item mentioned in our intro: the Ents from Lord of the Rings might have inspired the Christmas tree with a face (US6053798)… or more like eyes and a mouth, which are capable of movement to further increase the horror… I mean joy. Imagine a version with gloving eyes – it would not only be the subject of our nightmares but also a direct cause of a few heart attacks, not to speak of the lasting psychological damage to the children subjected to it.


The second terrific invention (CN204133087U) mentioned in our intro helps the secret services and talented hacker voyeurs to enjoy our family time near the Christmas tree with us. What a lovely time to give up our privacy!


Our next fantastic item is a Christmas stocking (US5523741 A) – or more like a stocking device signalling the arrival of Santa Claus “by illuminating an externally visible light source having a power source located within said device.” Well, we don’t want to ruin the fun, but according to our knowledge of Santa Claus’ existence, that said light will never be illuminated. If you are a kid reading this, we are sorry you’ve learned this from an IP blog.


Regarding the Santa in a bathtub (USD372207), at first we thought that that little Santa hat had been placed on a very naughty spot – later we realized that there is also a duck in that tub, wearing the hat.

Last but not least what can we say about the reindeer door knob cover (USD317397)? It is somewhere between cute, laughable and disturbing. It will surely haunt our dreams together with the Christmas tree with a face.


If you have an invention – that preferably makes more sense – it is strongly advised to patent it, otherwise anyone can take advantage of your idea. An experienced patent attorney is highly recommended, though if you lack the funds at the beginning, Start-Patent might be a good alternative to help you get started.

We at Pintz & Partners would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Zsofia Pintz