start patent

A free to use patent application drafting software



Our goal is to expand the possibility of patenting to those who cannot afford it right away. To achieve this, we launched Start Patent, a step-by-step online tool that can help anyone to start a patent application by themselves. Under six months, 50 companies requested access to this service and the best part is
that we give this service completely free.



a completely free service for inventors and startup companies, who lack of funding

Our free online tool Start Patent offers you guided questions to help you process information about your invention. Patent descriptions you create with our software can be submitted to the Patent Offices. After you filed a patent application, you get at least a provisional protection, thus, you can be sure that your invention is protected when you negotiate with potential investors. Once investors are financing your product, you will have enough resources to hire a professional patent attorney for a professional quality patent application. As an inventor, you gain more time to find investors. Yet it is important to know that after filing the patent application, no new technical content can be added to the application and the range of the patent claims has to remain the same.

draft your first patent application for free

Yes, you have read it right. It is completely free.

However, please note that for the actual filing you will need to pay the official fees, but that is not too much.
Would you like to know how much the Patent Offices charge for a patent filing? We have created a free online tool for that, too. Click here to use it.

important advice

Please remember, that obtaining a patent is generally expensive, and it is advisable to have enough funding before starting the process. Without funding you will not be able to push the applications until grant or claim your rights at court, if you have to. However, if your invention is good enough, inventors or the public (using crowd funding) will certainly help you fund the patent application. But it is important to file your application before publishing your idea. This is the step where Start Patent can be helpful. Spare a few thousand Euros at the beginning of your patent application procedure by drafting and filing your first application by yourself.