Another update on unitary patent

The Hungarian constitutional court brought a decision (Friday, June 29, 2018) on the compatibility of the planned unitary patent system and the Hungarian constitution, or, to be more precise: how the suggested Unified Patent Court (UPC) would fit in the Hungarian legal regime. The bad news: it doesn’t.

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Inventions that may lift (or destroy) your Christmas spirit

Ah, the Holiday Season. The time where families get together to celebrate with joy beside the Christmas tree with a face, observed by the cameras hidden in the ornaments. Ehm… what? Oh yeah, we just imagined the Holiday season with a few of the best (worst) Christmas inventions ever. Because if you dive deep into the patent database with over 100 million documents, you ought to find some weird stuff…

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Zsofia Pintz
The rising IP dragon of China

Why to protect (or even invent) any kind of technology or solution if the Chinese will instantly copy them anyway – we can hear that quite often in the field of intellectual property. Is it really true, or is this just the complaint of those who do not put the slightest efforts into protecting their ideas and then are being outrageous that public knowledge is used? In today’s IPintz article we look into that matter.

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